• Are you disappointed with the results you get from your digital camera?
• Does your camera have buttons and dials that you never use?
• Do you want to take control of your photography?
• Is your camera always on Auto?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any one of these questions then with my one-to-one tuition I can show you how to:

• Improve your photography
• Increase the number of shots you will be proud of
• Take full advantage of what your camera has to offer
• Take control and unleash your photographic creativity

I tailor my courses to individual needs and will start at whatever level you are comfortable with. This can range from:

• the basics of getting to know your camera and the terms used in photography to
• composition techniques, macro photography, working with digital photo software such as Photoshop and printing.

I have been involved in photography for over 20 years and worked as a professional photographer for the London Fire Brigade. Learning my craft with film and dark-room developing I, like many others, now work entirely with digital imaging; from camera to computer to print.

See Course Guide for fee's. I work as a freelance photographer and teacher. I also specialise in Photo Restoration, Interior/Exterior Photography and Photographic Insurance Inventories. See Photo Services for more information.

I also offer a range of 6 inch square photo cards with an original print on the front and blank inside. I can produce any of the images on this site or on the Flickr link. See shop for details.

If you wish to view more of my work go to the Flickr Gallery. All images remain the copyright of © Keith Watt 2007 and may not be reproduced without permission.