Keith Who?

Born and raised near Upminster in Essex I left school at 16 and joined the Merchant Navy, which enabled me to travel abroad for the first time. I went to New Zealand, the South Pacific islands of Samoa and Fiji and South Africa. This experience opened my eyes to the variety of cultures and places on this planet. As much as I fought it, sea-sickness for a seaman is a major draw back; so after a couple of years I reluctantly decided to seek employment on dry land.

In 1980 I joined the London Fire Brigade where after working as a firefighter I became a member of the Operational Brigade Photography Team.

In 1991 I moved from London to Ipswich in Suffolk where I still live with my wife and children.

The birth of our first child really stimulated my interest in taking good photographs. After joining a local photographic society, I built my own darkroom and started developing and printing black and white images.